Feeding &

Swallowing  Therapy 

​​​​​​ SCSS has both Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists that have completed specialized training in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders and have experience with infants, toddlers, and children with a variety of feeding difficulties and medical complexities from tracheostomy and G-tubes to orofacial and sensory/behavioral feeding disorders.

Speech-Language Therapy 

physical  Therapy 

Our physical therapists are dedicated to providing customized one-on-one care that helps children with developmental, neuromuscular and orthopaedic conditions to restore and enhance their development and enable them to participate in desired age appropriate family, community and school-based activities. Our clinicians utilize therapies in a play-based environment that can help children increase their strength, balance, coordination and motor skills.

​​​Our Occupational therapists specialize in working with children with a variety of developmental disorders and diagnoses. Therapy focuses on promoting independence and functional participation in day to day activities including but not limited to play, dressing, self-feeding, bathing, sleep routines, fine motor and visual motor skills, gross motor skills, handwriting, and sensory processing skills.

​​From 0-21 years, we provide comprehensive, individualized speech-language evaluations and treatment for children with a variety of impairments including but not limited to delayed articulation, motor speech disorders, apraxia, auditory processing disorder, autism, cognitive delays, phonemic and phonological awareness, and developmental language delays.

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